How Mobile Apps Benefit Small Businesses

4 min readMar 13, 2023


In today’s world, businesses need to have mobile apps to reach and connect with a mobile-savvy user base, which helps build brand awareness and convey the message effectively. Building mobile apps has become crucial for both small and large companies to attract more customers and achieve maximum business growth.

As technology and social media platforms keep changing, relying solely on web pages or current social media platforms may not be sufficient to reach out to your audience. The amount of information vying for attention is also overwhelming. With mobile apps, you can establish a stronger bond with your brand and engage with your audience effectively.

Maximize your business and marketing potential

A mobile app that is well-designed can be a great platform for boosting engagement and establishing brand recognition. By strategically placing their logo, businesses can increase their visibility and enhance their branding efforts. Unlike social media sites where visual content takes precedence over logos, profile pictures, and slogans, a well-designed app allows businesses to overcome the challenge of building brand awareness.

Mobile Geotargeting ads

Tech Jury reports that a vast number of smartphone users globally, numbering in the billions, are comfortable with apps that track their location. Active geolocation, also known as GeoTag, provides marketers with a chance to obtain more information about existing and potential clients to boost sales and attract new customers. There are various successful approaches to using geotags, such as sending personalized push notifications to potential clients when they are within a specific geographic proximity to a physical store. However, excessive targeted ads may lead to users switching them off, so businesses must strike a balance when deciding how frequently to message clients.

Since over 50% of mobile users agree to receive alerts, it is vital to send push notifications that are not too casual or sales-driven. When creating messages, companies must also consider the timing, relevance, and frequency of notifications. As long as the messages are valuable and relevant, most users will continue to receive push notifications.

Better exposure

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone, and the estimated number of smartphones in use globally ranges from 6 to 7 billion, which constitutes around 91% of the world’s population. As people seek fast and efficient ways to obtain accurate information, businesses have the opportunity to fill this information void through mobile apps. With apps, people have access to a wealth of information that was previously unavailable. Additionally, businesses can use apps to create their own space for facilitating connection and connectivity.

Apps also have a reciprocal relationship. While businesses are pushing notifications or ads out, users are providing valuable data that can be utilized to enhance business offerings.

Building loyalty and strong customer relationships

Mobile apps now offer more than just e-commerce or entertainment and can be utilized for more than just marketing purposes. Effective communication is crucial in building a strong, long-lasting relationship with your customers, and mobile apps provide a way to accomplish that. With a mobile app, you have complete control over how you build this bond with your audience, whether it’s through personalized messages, reminders, or push notifications. These methods can create a more intimate and personal effect, and businesses can save money by avoiding email marketing campaigns that generate countless unopened emails.

Using proven tech features — smartphones hardware

In recent years, smartphones have undergone significant technological advancements and have become equipped with useful features. One of these features is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which has rapidly gained popularity. NFC allows for contactless transactions, where a smartphone is held near a card reader to make payments. Several payment platforms, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, utilize this technology.

Despite being originally intended for small purchases, contactless payments have become one of the most widely used payment methods. Billions of dollars have been invested in the contactless payment market, as studies show that users tend to spend more when using this technology. With the costs of implementing contactless payments decreasing significantly in recent years, small businesses can now leverage this technology to improve the daily experiences of both their customers and employees.

The right tool for the job

Web-based apps have a major disadvantage — once we turn off our devices, we are disconnected from the app. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are more beneficial to businesses as we carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go. Smartphones have become a significant part of our daily lives and identity. By using the right timing, messaging, and content, businesses can use mobile apps to create a lasting connection with their customers.

Types of mobile apps

Mobile apps have diverse and convenient purposes. Apart from social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, they can be utilized for newsletters, video streaming, scheduling, local news, customer loyalty programs, and customer service, among others. The possibilities are endless.

For instance, as a local gym owner, you could develop an app with various features. The app could serve as a primary source of gym news and a point of contact for members outside of business hours. If a gym member hasn’t visited in a while, you could send them a reminder to return and offer a discount code if they return within a few days. The app could also serve as a means of payment during checkout.


As the use of smartphones continues to increase globally, mobile apps have emerged as the most effective means of reaching out to your target audience. Building custom brand or customer loyalty apps is an ideal approach for achieving this. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, custom development can help you get all the features you require for your specific business needs. Having a mobile app sets you apart from your competitors and can help you achieve greater profitability.




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