How to Get Your App on the App Store

Submit a New App


Primary Language

  • Choose a primary language from the drop-down menu. You can add additional languages with new versions of the app as long as you have translations for them
  • Content without translations will revert to the primary language

Bundle ID

  • To do it manually, log in to your Apple Developer account, go to Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles and choose the section on identifiers. From there you can create your App ID


Upload Your Design and Graphics

Add screenshots

  • Specifications change with every new version release. Apple Store Connect has the latest specifications here
  • Drag up to three app previews and 10 screenshots for every iPhone and iPad display

Write Promotional Text

  • Promotional text appears above your description on the App Store and it has a limit of 170 characters
  • Try to describe the mission of the application. If you know why your application is unique, this part will be easy


  • You can add up to 100 characters worth of relevant keywords separated by commas to help people find your app
  • Be sure to keep them specific to your app rather than more general. Also, don’t use a competitor’s app name or any keywords that are offensive or questionable


  • Think about who might be interested in your application and answer their expectations with your description
  • There’s a 4000 character limit, and you can update it in each submitted version

Marketing and Support URLs

  • Set up a dedicated channel for users to get in contact with you

App Store Icon

  • App Store icons have a fixed size of 1024×1024
  • You can add it through the xode to build it as well


  • You can pick two categories — a primary and a secondary category to best place your app

App Review Information

  • Ou risk rejection if you don’t include review information
  • If the application requires users to log in, you need to provide test credentials as well as a contact person who can answer questions about the app

Set your Settings

Age Rating

App Privacy Policy settings

  • Specify if and how the application collects user data and where the data is stored
  • Add a contact person and details about where data is stored

Content Rights


  • Start small, explore the market, and broaden your reach over time
  • You can change the range of territories with access to your application at any time


In-app purchases




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