How to Get Your App on the Play Store

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Package Name

Sign Your App


  • Consistency is key across the places where your app will appear. Use the same name for the app across Android and Apple platforms. That way, your users will be able to search for and find your app across platforms
  • Titles can be up to 50 characters on the Play Store

Primary Language

  • At this stage, choose a primary language
  • Any content without a translation will revert to the primary language

Android App Bundle


Upload Your Design and Graphics

Add Your Play Store Icon

  • Set dimensions at 512px x 512px, 32-bit PNG format with a maximum file size of 1024KB
  • Adapt your logo to fit into a square format. For more specific guidelines, there’s a more detailed guide here

Add Your Design and Graphics

  • 320–3840 px
  • 2:1 ratio


  • Title: 50 characters
  • Short description: 80 characters
  • Long description: 4000 characters


Set your Settings


Age Rating

App Rating

Google Developer Policies




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