Top Tips for UX Design in Your App

Plan your information architecture well

  • Don’t include unnecessary functions
  • Create low-fidelity prototypes to test user flows
  • Adjust based on empirical findings, not gut feelings

Follow WCAG Rules

  • Create clear, uncluttered designs
  • Give users the flexibility to change the contrast or text size
  • Don’t place elements in areas that get covered up by navigation bars

Design for usability

  • Empathize with end-users and consider all the possible scenarios they’ll use the app
  • Test and adjust for usability

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

  • Balance a unique look with standard navigation and predictable actions
  • Aim for simplicity and ease of use

Web Does Not Equal Mobile

  • Many web features do not work on mobile so design separate flows for each version
  • Keep mobile usability in mind and incorporate standard mobile interactions

Keep Users Informed

  • Be clear about what is happening in the background
  • Aim to reassure users that the system is working and what should come next

Embrace the Darkness

  • Check how your dark mode looks
  • Adjust the colors and contrast accordingly

Final thoughts



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